On July 24th 2013, a touring English football team visited Australia in preparation for their upcoming season. They were to face one of the finest local sides, who were in the middle of their off-season, in a match played on an inner-city cricket field. As no competitive rewards were on offer for the match, it was billed as a ‘friendly.’

The English team won 2-0. But that’s not important.

Because this happened.

Of course the touring English side was the mighty Liverpool Football Club; 18-time champion of England and 5-time champion of Europe. Their one-off exhibition match against Melbourne Victory was met with unprecedented anticipation in Melbourne, quite an achievement in a city with such rich sporting culture.

95,000 fans packed into the MCG to create this spectacle and to turn the streets of the world’s sporting capital into a red sea of shirts, scarves and banners.

I sat among the 95,000 on the dewy Wednesday night. I belted out You’ll Never Walk Alone with the rest of the Red’s faithful. I’m a Liverpool fan and I always will be.

I’m Billy Higgins, a 20 year old student living in Melbourne; more specifically, 17035 kilometres from Anfield. I’ve supported Liverpool since early adolescence and have steadily collected a wardrobe of Liverpool shirts. I lived in the UK for most of 2014 and experienced fleetingly the power of the club at its peak toward the conclusion of the 2013/14 season (this will be the first and last time that heartbreak is mentioned on this site).

Following a football club is a deeply emotional experience, not a rational one. The Aussie Kop isn’t a typical fan page providing amateur analysis from armchair coaches. It is an unashamedly biased forum for the thousands of Liverpool supporters in Australia to pour their joy, anger, confusion, elation and despair into.

Thr Aussie Kop is just one humble fan’s attempt at navigating through his long-distance relationship with Liverpool Football Club and putting his passion into words. I hope that some of these feelings can resonate with my fellow Reds across Australia and The Aussie Kop can be a uniting force and a show of strength of the greatest club in the world.

Go Reds!


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