Magical Cup Run Culminates in Basel

Set your alarms Reds. Our magical 2016 Europa League run culminates in the final tomorrow morning at 4.45 AEST.

Overall our season has been, again, mediocre. An eighth place finish in a league which was as wide open as we have seen for a long time is not satisfactory. But this disappointment has been masked by the charisma of Jurgen Klopp and the stardust he has been able to sprinkle onto our squad on Thursday nights.

Its truly had it all this cup run. TheĀ indignity of nights at FC Sion amd Rubin Kazan (with respect to those clubs, we expect to dine at Europe’s top table). The dour performance against Augsburg. The sweetest of victories over United. The heartstopping, impossible comeback against Dortmund. The destruction of Villareal at Anfield.

The constant has been Liverpool victory. It has been brought about by a newfound, relentless attitude which reflects our firebrand German boss.

There is a genuine belief amongst fans, and it seems players, that the club is on the verge of another great era.

In football, success is not measured in goodwill or positivity. Even winning becomes empty after a time if it is not supported by something more substantial (just ask an Arsenal fan).

Trophies are the measure of greatness for a football club. Our memories of Steven Gerrard’s exploits in the Champions League and FA cup finals are now over a decade old. We only have one League Cup to boast about since. For a club of Liverpool’s stature, that is not acceptable.

Tomorrow could be the beginning of a change in fortunes for Liverpool Football Club. Champions League qualification is a prize for the winner, which would be a significant boost in terms of recruitment. The confidence gained from such a win can do wonders for the squad.

The thrilling road to the final has been uplifting for Liverpool, regardless of tomorrow’s result. But there is nothing quite like watching the red confetti rain down on our newest piece of silverware.


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